I sometimes am amused how life turns out. How someone who once was just another human being in this huge world, now becomes someone who stands out from the gazillions of others. Someone who could be easily replaceable becomes someone whose place no one else can take. It’s lovely reminiscing on how we meet our […]

Silent Alarm

There’s been uproar after the recent rape cases that are being reported, now, more than ever.  Facebook has become a sort of a propaganda medium for everyone to put their two cents worth. People talk about giving capital punishments, and better yet, cut off their male organ and then kill them. I get the anger… […]

Unlikeliest muse

Didn’t know this would be the reason I finally feel like writing, but here goes. Being a modern single girl comes with its own trials and tribulations. Of course, everything does, but being a perennially single female is one of life’s own little rides. It’s such a muddle sometimes, because you’re not unhappy, not by […]