I’ll just have the Revenge, thank you.

I wish I could burn those resistant, defiant memories, The cold sweat of terror I’d felt, and the warm trickle of shame- The emotions known all these years by my daily diaries I’d go back in time in moments of doubt, when myself I did blame. A time when I was younger, sweeter, and naive. […]

The Unbearable Nausea of Niceness

Remember how when you’re a kid and you do something nice and people say, ‘Oh you’re such a Good Girl, you’d never be disrespectful/disobedient/ rude/ throw a tantrum’. And you don’t. You really are the poster child for a Nice Young Woman. It’s exhausting. Don’t lie to me and tell me that it isn’t. Yes […]

Shall I Compare Thee to a Malicious Abuser?

What is love? The most asked question with the most bone-cringing, soul-stinging, winsome and lonesome answers. I’m not going there-because I don’t know what it is. I am here to talk about something else. I’ll tell you what love is not. I’m gonna tread dangerous waters here and mention the word abuse. It’s messy and […]

Reality Bites

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There comes a time in our lives, when we face the questions that many of us have been running from, but they have finally caught up with us. The questions are these:  where am I in my life? Did the dreams I have about myself get realized? What next? And the most…

Cookies and Sunlight

Sometimes life knocks you so hard your teeth rattle. You want to howl and shout and rage against every daft thing. Sitting on the commode with the tears flowing become a regular habit. Hold on, because it gets better, if you let it. But before that, it’s going to get worse. Oh yeah. Smiling through […]