I don’t have a problem, I insist

It’s the others, I cry

Read my thoughts- why should I talk?

I hate you already- you fixer upper.

It’s only this teeny little thing,

Give me the pill and I’ll be out.

I won’t have to come again, will I?

Just tell me what I can do.

Well, okay so here’s the thing,

Perhaps let me explain.

I didn’t do anything wrong, did i?

Do you think I’m crazy?

Well if I’m not crazy then fix them!

Well, yeah, the others aren’t here- I am.

As I was saying- it’s one hour already?

Can I come see you again?

Tomorrow? Next week is too late

This tale needs telling and

Only you can hear it

Ah well, until next week

How will I manage on my own?

How will I cope- well I have been

But still, it’s hard.

But you get that, don’t you?

Slowly I enter this dark place

I’m mortally scared of

This shapeless monster is around here

But I hold your hand and I walk

Sometimes I even dive inside this murky tar

And I find oysters and jewels and gold

Remnants from the shipwreck of my past

Dead pirates who look like me

And I resurface with my bounty

Fill up my lungs and look at the filth

That is my body and I think,

This is not so bad.


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