I don’t have a problem, I insist It’s the others, I cry Read my thoughts- why should I talk? I hate you already- you fixer upper. It’s only this teeny little thing, Give me the pill and I’ll be out. I won’t have to come again, will I? Just tell me what I can do. […]


Dear Heart, Keeper of the lighthouse, I trust you’re fine. Shining your beacon, Illuminating and showing the way. Come over, dear! Leave your torches and matchsticks, Let darkness take you in. Let it disturb you. You will soon get used to it- The colorless, shapeless, purposeless, It allows you to not be yourself, Or be […]

Of Fear and Shame

A pundit, a man of god, supposedly a master astrologer- decreed for a friend of mine, that she is a maanglik– cancer of the stars. If you are a woman who is found with this- you better not marry- if you do you marry someone who is has the same ‘problem’. Otherwise, your betrothed will […]