Cookies and Sunlight

Sometimes life knocks you so hard your teeth rattle. You want to howl and shout and rage against every daft thing. Sitting on the commode with the tears flowing become a regular habit. Hold on, because it gets better, if you let it. But before that, it’s going to get worse. Oh yeah. Smiling through […]

The Love Factory

“Ultimately, all feelings can be reduced to either Love or Fear…”- Dr. Shyam Bhat When I read this, I initially found myself disagreeing- that it has to be more. Where is the anger, hate, apathy in all this? Aren’t they part of the ‘ultimate’? I got down to thinking of the roots of all the negative emotions and […]


I sometimes am amused how life turns out. How someone who once was just another human being in this huge world, now becomes someone who stands out from the gazillions of others. Someone who could be easily replaceable becomes someone whose place no one else can take. It’s lovely reminiscing on how we meet our […]