I am She.

I’m not who you think I am. Wait, I’m not even who I think I am! You know what? Maybe your version of me is truer than my version of myself. I think I’m someone- but there’s always something that I’d up and do which I never thought I would have. In my head, I’m […]

I’ll just have the Revenge, thank you.

I wish I could burn those resistant, defiant memories, The cold sweat of terror I’d felt, and the warm trickle of shame- The emotions known all these years by my daily diaries I’d go back in time in moments of doubt, when myself I did blame. A time when I was younger, sweeter, and naive. […]

The Girl, the Thoughts, and the Wardrobe

I am Shreya, and I am in love with clothes. It’s not creepy. It’s not infatuation. It’s not a crush. It’s real, time-after-time kind of love. I recently cleaned my closet. There is such a bittersweet feeling attached to it. It’s almost like a ritual for me. I dread it, and yet, I feel the […]