I am She.

I’m not who you think I am. Wait, I’m not even who I think I am! You know what? Maybe your version of me is truer than my version of myself. I think I’m someone- but there’s always something that I’d up and do which I never thought I would have. In my head, I’m […]

Regrets, black coffee and cigarettes

Have you ever suddenly felt like you’re just a speck of nothing which will someday fade and no one will be the wiser? Have you ever felt like you feared- something- oblivion, nothingness, too much of everything and maybe just contemplating the next hour is a misery of sorts. When you’re just plain sad- with […]

What women want 101

Everyone, even great writers and psychologists, apparently are stumped by a question. Which question, you ask? It is this mysterious question, the uncharted path, the typical problem: what do women want? Even Freud, the man who claimed to know about the mechanisms of our unconscious minds and about psychosomatic illnesses, claimed “The great question that […]