Unlikeliest muse

Didn’t know this would be the reason I finally feel like writing, but here goes. Being a modern single girl comes with its own trials and tribulations. Of course, everything does, but being a perennially single female is one of life’s own little rides. It’s such a muddle sometimes, because you’re not unhappy, not by […]

Holiday Romance

I recently went to Ooty for a short trip. Ooty is a little hill station nestled in the mountains of Nilgiris. Imagine breathing fresh, cold air. Your hands, feet and nose freezing. Anywhere your eyes land, seeing at least four varieties of flowers and beautiful bright green terraced garden. Tiny little huts scattered everywhere, all […]

Ten clichéd romantic heroes:

The Bad Boy: This one is Trouble.  Luckily or unluckily, you might have come across this one. He’s every parent’s worst nightmare come to life. He is badass and he knows it. And what’s more, he doesn’t care. You know when they’re actually really dangerous? When you find them doing something that’s rather sweet. Let’s […]